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How Do I Vote?

Why should I vote?

It is about being civically involved and the importance of voting in ALL elections, especially local ones.  Your one vote can make a big difference!  Your opinion is important and should be part of the conversation.  If you don't vote - you have no voice. 

ASB does have a huge impact on what the leadership class does and how our school functions for students.   All students should vote for the people that they think will serve our community the best. 

Remember the popular person is not always the best person to represent you.  A good public servant serves their constituents - not themselves. 

I didn't get my ballot?

Ballots were emailed to the account used to register for School Loop. 

Check your spam folder for it. 

If it is not there, email requesting another one

What does ASB do?
  1. Organize and facilitate our support of the Bill Wilson Center
  2. Lead the leadership class in determining BOTC and Homecoming themes
  3. Organize and run our all school events - HoCo dance, tailgate, Multicultural Winterfest, BOTC etc.
  4. Interview and assist in determining who gets to be in leadership class
  5. Run and organize our Link Crew program
  6. Run and organize our Shadow Day 
  7. Oversee and maintain our social media accounts
  8. The daily announcements
  9. Manage and budget all ASB funds
  10. Work hard to build a campus that is inclusive and fun so our students are happy and want to be here to learn.
  11. Set up break down and run the Learning Lounge and cookies and cram
  12. Assist in creating Liaison Lessons and House of Representative news blasts
  13. Be the first point of contact for students with questions
  14. Organize, train and support all our clubs
  15. Create your yearbook
  16. Facilitate all school and senior photos
  17. SO much more!

ASB Elections

YOUR 2020-2021 ASB Candidates are...