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Ask Freddy or Freida


Hi Welcome to Ask Freddy & Freida,


Here is a safe place where you can ask questions, voice out your concerns and where you can find great advice. We’re here to help; we’re Cougars, it’s what we do.

Help Hotlines


Uplift Family Services Crisis Hotline 408-379-3796

Alum Rock Counseling Center Mobile Crisis Unit 408-294-0579



Child Protective Services (CPS) 408-279-2071



Bill Wilson’s Centre for Living with Dying 408-243-0222


Emergency Shelter/Food/Clothing for Youth and Families

Bill Wilson Center (Youth & Young Adults) 408-243-0222

EHC Lifebuilders 408-539-2100

Inn Vision 408-292-4286

Catholic Charities 408-325-5277

Second Harvest Food Bank 1-800-984-3663

Loaves and Fishes 408-998-1500

To Register as Homeless with East Side Union High School District, Contact Rose Ortiz 408-347-5202


Victim of Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence or Crime

YWCA of Silicon Valley

Victim Witness Assistance Center 408-295-2656

Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence


Substance Use/Abuse

Asian Americans for Community Involvement 408-975-2730

Asian American Recovery Services 408-271-3900

Alcoholics Anonymous

Al-anon and Alateen



Youth Space 408-343-7940

PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays)

Managing Anxiety

Dear Freddy and Freida,


I am feeling a lot of stress and anxiety lately. My grades are dropping, I’m afraid to look at SchoolLoop, and even had a panic attack when my grade dropped 50%. It dropped because of  missing assignment but I really thought I turned everything in. I don’t know what to do…


Dear fellow Cougar,


It sounds like the panic attack was triggered by your grades. So, here are some ways to cope with panic attacks:

  • Breathe. I know it sounds silly, but slow, deep breaths can help relieve the tension. Focus on your breathing pattern - both inhalation and exhalation and try to even them out.

  • Sit down and close your eyes, or find a quiet place to go to.

  • Connect with your friends.


So, regarding your grades, don’t be afraid to talk to your teachers as well as sending emails. Talking in person can sometimes be more effective (during Break or Lunch, or after class, or even try to set up an appointment). And hey, if one assignment dropped your grade that much, maybe one assignment can bring it up that much too, right? Writing down assignments can be helpful too.


Don’t let this one thing discourage you - it is still fairly early in the semester, so don’t give up hope; talk to your teachers; remember to breathe; and keep doing your best.




Freddy and Freida



Feeling Left Out?

Dear Freddy and Freida,


I feel totally left out here at EV. I am new to this area and don’t have any friends. I joined a club, but it only meets once a week at lunch, so what about the other days and times when I don’t feel like I fit in? Even in my classes I have a hard time. I feel like the students in my grade level made their friends in middle school, and because I came from a different area I don’t know where anybody.




Dear Help,


First off, you are not the only one who feels this way, especially at such a large school. Some ideas might be to move around during Lunch and talk to other groups of students, or, when you are doing group projects in your classes see if there is something you have in common with your classmates that you can share outside of class.


You said you were in one club, but are there other clubs here that you might be interested in joining? There are over 100 clubs on campus that share culture and religion, clubs that have a community service focus, but also fun and exciting clubs that do a lot of game and activities.


Keep your head up and remember there are others just like you that are waiting for someone to talk to them. It is hard to make the first move, but if you start talking to someone new, you might find you have a common interest that can grow into a friendship.


Freddy and Freida