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Congratulations to the new varsity and junior varsity sideline cheer teams for 2019-2020!


Katelyn T

Aaliyah V


Megan L

Audrey B

Faith Ho R

Mariah R

Kayla M

Tracy L

Sneha N*

Thuy P

Kristin D*

Natalia T

Emily L

Larissa R

Jolie M

Nancy D

Christopher C

Gianna R

Frida R

Allison V

Kayla N

Natalie R

Kianna N

Isabella E*

Christina C*

*Please see Coach D at the beginning of practice on the 14th.


Junior Varsity

Angela Y

Allison L

Katie L

Emma M

Ixayana C

Jade G

Majesty S

Jacqueline P

Jenny N

Paulina K

Taylor L

Anny P

Keanna M

Jade S

Evelyn V

Angelina N

Melanie N


Contact Denisa Randazzo  Denisa Randazzo Cheer Coach

Thank you everyone for a great tryout! The first day of practice will be on August 14th at 5pm. Please be on time and ready to work! We are still working on the location of practice and I will update the site once it has been determined. Uniform fittings will be on August 15th at 5pm. The second practice will be on August 17th at 9am. 

For those that did not make the team for football, there will be a second tryout near the end of football season for the basketball sideline team. Take this time to practice  and work on your skills. We will see you at the second round of tryouts!