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Club Finance Training Info 2019

All clubs at EVHS must send their president and treasurer to finance training each fall before their bank accounts are activated.  Club advisers are encouraged to attend with their officers.

You may practice using the slides and quiz above.

Each club must have a 100% pass on the quiz at the END of their training.  Practice sessions will not be counted.


Clubs at EVHS

The EVHS Associated Student Body supports a variety of clubs of various interests.  Our students create, run and participate in clubs of all kinds.  We have community service clubs, such as Key Club and Leo Club.  We have performance clubs such as Guitar and Speech & Debate.  We also have technology clubs like Robotics and Graphic Design.

Clubs are an awesome way for students to become involved on our campus, interact with their peers and build community while learning invaluable skills.  Check out our list of approved clubs below.  Find one (or more!) that interest you.  All club meetings are open to all EVHS students.  Just attend a meeting to see which one is right for you.

EVHS Clubs

A complete list of our clubs and description of their charters.

Event Request Form - submit this form 3 weeks before you begin marketing an event or fundraiser

RPO - submit this form 3 weeks before spending any money (reimbursement or not)

Club Trackers

If your club has submitted an ERF, please use this link to check the status of the ERF.

NOTE: district policy (ESUHSD BP 3554) requires that on-campus sales of food 30 min. before school and 30 min. after school must adhere to state nutritional requirements. Other food items may be sold to family, friends, or neighbors off-campus at any time.  By submitting an ERF via this form all clubs agree to this fundraising policy for food that does not meet the nutritional guidelines

If your club has submitted an RPO, please use this link to check the status of the RPO.


Use this link to access your club account information online.