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Coach's FAQs

  • All Fundraisers must be approved by ASB
    • Submit an ERF at least 2 weeks prior to marketing your fundraiser.
    • Deposit all money with the Fundraiser Deposit form
    • Any checks must be made out to EVHS Athletics/ your sport
    • All donations must be deposited with the Donations Deposit Form
      • This includes online donation drives - ALL fundraising of any kind must be approved by ASB and checks must be mailed directly to EVHS School Bank.
  • NO CHECKS can be cut without an invoice or prior approved receipt. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • All Purchases must be prior approved via an RPO
    • Reimbursements must be prior approved and receipts signed and submitted asap
    • Contracts for busses or other long term items must be approved BEFORE scheduling
  • Acceptable Purchases Include:
    • Awards for your team leaders
    • Food and decoration for team banquets
    • Uniforms or other clothing items that students have raised money to pay for
    • Equipment for team usage
    • Travel and/or hotel for tournaments
    • Security Officer and/or Custodial reimbursement to EVHS Facilities account
  • Unacceptable Purchases Include:
    • Coaching bonus or payment to any staff member
    • Gifts or Gift Cards for staff
    • Non-Preapproved Items
  • For more details and forms required for ASB Banking please see the School Bank webpages.

Concession Stand Proceedures

Book Keeping
  • All sports are clubs at EVHS and must follow all club rules and regulations.
    • Read the Club Handbook and the Club Adviser Handbook to know the rules
    • Hold regular meetings and make sure all of your purchases, donations, expenses, etc. are approved by your team.
    • Keep and maintain your club binder with ALL minutes, Invoices, Quotes, and copies of your receipts. (By law we must keep all records for at least 6 years)
Sports are clubs at EVHS

This means that each year each team must renew its club charter and submit the following forms in order to activate their school bank account:

  1. EVHS ICC Club Charter Application

  2. EVHS ICC Club Budget Form

  3. EVHS ICC Club Signature Card

  4. EVHS ICC Required Constitution Articles/ Sample Constitution

  5. EVHS ICC Club Student Petition Form

  6. EVHS Inter-Club Council By-Laws

All clubs must also attend club finance training in August or January OR complete the finance training online course.  View and study this presentation.  Complete this quiz and submit it ASAP.

Once all paperwork is submitted and accepted your club will be active.  In order to have events and run your club finances you will need to use the information found on these web pages.

School Bank