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School Bank Locker


Legally all money collected/earned by a club or student organization at EVHS must be deposited into the School Bank.  No money may be taken out of a club or organization’s account without following the RPO process. There must be a CLEAR and concise accounting of all funds.  It is the responsibility of the club adviser and the treasurer of the club to keep concise records and copies of all RPO forms, deposit receipts and purchases receipts for their club. Please carefully follow the procedures below when raising funds for your club or organization.

  1. ALL funds raised by students must be approved by the Student Leadership group and the Activities Director
  2. Check the EVHS Approved Fundraiser calendar on this page.  Pick a date or dates that are not currently being used by another group on campus.
  3. Fill out the Event Request form and submit it to the Activities Office at least 2 weeks BEFORE you begin your fund raiser.
  4. Use an RPO for any purchases needed to facilitate your fundraiser. (Be sure to follow the RPO process carefully)
  5. Check the Trackers to see if your request has been approved or denied.
  6. After your fundraiser is over all money must be deposited into the School Bank asap with the proper deposit form
  7. Deposit and count your money in the school bank.  Make an appointment ahead of time with the bank clerk by calling x77090

     *If you sold tickets as part of your fundraiser, they must be numbered.

     **You must fill out and submit the ticket count and cash deposit form form for events where tickets are sold.

Campus Food Sale Requirements

There are local and federal requirements that guide competitive food sales on campus and preparation of food on campus.  School sites, teachers, and students are not allowed to serve food or beverages or have fund raisers serving food which competes with the District’s food service program.  In addition, site staff is prohibited from selling food items (ie. Oddles and Noddles, Cup of Soup, and etc) to students which also compete with the District’s food program.

Specifically, high schools are allowed four fund raisers per year.  These fundraisers must meet SB12 and SB965 requirements as well as be approved by the school board.  California Ed Code allows for foods to be sold by student groups during the school day, but must not directly compete with the National School Lunch Program. 

The following rules apply ONLY to food and beverage sales by student organizations:

  • Only three categories of food or beverage item may be sold (e.g., chips, sandwiches, juices, etc.), and
  • Sales must be approved by governing board of school district, and
  • Only one student organization is allowed to sell per day, and
  • On any four days any and all student organizations can sell, and
  • Food or beverage item cannot be prepared on campus, and
  • Food or beverage categories are not ones that are sold in the food service program at that school during that school day.

Reference: California Code of Regulations Section 15501

Food and beverage sales by student organizations are effective during or after school hours.

The District’s Food Services Department works diligently to provide the most nutritious food choices on our campuses.  All site Principals are asked to ensure that their site is adhering to these guidelines.  If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact Julie Kasberger, Director of General Services, at 408-347-5190.