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Email Us If Your Student Will Be Absent

Absences for A-L

Rachel Beebe
(408) 347-7171 
Rachel Bebe

Absences for M-Z

Kym Quach 
(408) 347-7027
Kym Quach
If your student is going to be absent, please be sure to follow the instructions below. 
For your convenience, email us to report your student's absence.
  • Please be sure to include the student name and ID number,
  • Clearly state the date of and reason for absence in the email.
  • Report Absences using the email addresses above
Saturday School FAQs

My student got an invitation to Saturday School.  What does this mean? 

The East Side Union High School District and EVHS believe that all students should be in class every day.  Only by attending school are students able to realize their potential and succeed academically.  Even absences for excused reasons cause students to fall behind - there is simply no substitute for being in school.

Absences from school also cause EVHS to lose money, as all schools are funded by how many students attend school.  This money goes to fund AP classes, tutoring, and other important programs.  

Attendance Recovery (Saturday School) is used to provide students an opportunity to make up lost time.  It also allows the school to receive additional funding that would otherwise be lost.   Saturday school is staffed by an EV teacher and typically consists of study hall time, community service, and some time for physical education.  Breakfast is provided.  

There are two types of Saturday School: 

Voluntary (for Attendance Recovery Only) 

If you received an invitation to Saturday school for attendance recovery, your student’s attendance at Saturday school is voluntary.  We strongly suggest your student attend.  This not only brings much needed funds back to EVHS, but more importantly, it allows time for your student to catch up academically.  Your student will also have time to receive tutoring or academic help from a certificated EV teacher.  There are no consequences for not attending a voluntary Saturday school.  

Mandatory (for Unexcused Absences per the Student Attendance Review Board)

If you received an invitation to Saturday school for an unexcused absence per the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB), your student’s attendance is mandatory.  Truancy can lead to serious consequences, and it is important that your student be in class each and every day.  If your student does not attend a mandatory Saturday school, they may be assigned mandatory lunch detentions.  If the student’s attendance does not improve, further consequences (including a mediation at the District Office, San Jose Police citation, loss of driving privileges, or court assigned community service) may result.  

ESUHSD Attendance and Discipline Information
Attendance Policy and Procedures

Maintaining good attendance is essential for maximizing your academic achievement. It lays the foundation you need to do well in school and succeed later in life. Research shows that good attendance is one of the biggest indicators of student success ­ students who are at school more often simply do better!

When a student is absent, the student's parent MUST contact the attendance office daily via email or phone to report the absence.

Extended absences due to illness require that a parent contact the attendance office and provide a note from the student's physician.  

Please note, you must report the absence each day the student misses school.  Unreported absences will remain unexcused permanently if timely notification is not received.

  • Use the email address and/or phone numbers above to contact the correct Attendance staff

Whenever possible, medical or dental appointments should always be made after school.  If it is necessary to make an appointment during the school day, parents may call or provide the attendance office with a note signed by the parent for an Advance Admit Pass.  Leaving campus without school authorization will result in disciplinary action. Students found outside of school during school hours are subject to disciplinary action and/or citation by the San Jose Police Department. 

When a student is absent, Evergreen Valley High School will call the student's home indicating the student's absence.  

Parents can also register for Parent Connect from the Evergreen Valley High School website ( Once fully registered, parents can view daily attendance and review grading period marks. Parent Connect is a username and password system. To guarantee that only parents can view their student's attendance and grade information parents will be need to visit school before being issued their Parent Connect password.