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We’re Cougars! We ROAR:

Realize our Potential R
  • We always do our best
  • We work as a team to be successful
  • We challenge ourselves academically
Own our Actions O
  • We recognize that our choices have consequences and take responsibility for them
  • We respect the rules of our community
  • We realize that social media is an extension of our
  • community, and act responsibly
Act with Integrity A
  • We are honest and trustworthy
  • We do the right thing even when no one is watching
  • We stand up for what is right
Respect our Community R
  • We practice social responsibility by caring for our
  • environment and each other
  • We empathize with those in need and act compassionately
  • We are globally aware, respecting differences and valuing
  • diversity

We are Cougars, it’s what we do!


ROAR Outcomes

Realize Our Potential: Students will be challenged, academically, to reach their highest potential, as measured by:

  • Graduation Rates

  • Percentage of students graduating having completed the A-G requirements

  • AP Participation Rates

  • AP Test Passing Rates


Own Our Actions, Act With Integrity & Respect our Community: Students will exhibit these behaviors, as measured by:

  • Decrease in discipline referrals

  • Decrease in suspension days

  • Decrease in bullying

  • Decrease in referrals for academic integrity

  • Maintaining and increasing daily attendance

  • Increase in positive responses on the 10th grade climate survey

  • Increase positive responses on the 12th grade exit survey