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2019 Game Schedule

Wednesday, March 6th                          Mitty @ Evergreen Valley

Friday, March 8th                                    Evergreen Valley @ Leland

Wednesday, March 13th                        Silver Creek @ Evergreen Valley

Friday, March 15th                                  Andrew Hill @ Evergreen Valley

Wednesday, March 20th                        Evergreen Valley @ Santa Teresa

Friday, March 22nd                                 Evergreen Valley @ Piedmont Hills

Wednesday, March 27th                         Independence @ Evergreen Valle

Friday, March 29th                                   Evergreen Valley@ Mitty

Wednesday, April 3rd                              Leland @ Evergreen Valley

Friday, April 5th                                        Evergreen Valley @ Silver Creek

Wednesday, April 10th                            Evergreen Valley@ Andrew Hill

Friday, April 12th                                      Santa Teresa @ Evergreen Valley

Wednesday, April 17th                            Piedmont Hills @Evergreen Valley

Friday, April 19th                                      Evergreen Valley @ Independence

April 30th & May 1st                                Division Finals @ Independence