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Golf - Boys & Girls


Monday Jan 28th- Thursday Jan 31 4-6pm Villages Golf and Country Club





Boys' Golf Schedule    SPRING 2019

Week of March 13th–15th
Evergreen Valley vs. Pioneer                           Pioneer vs. Evergreen Valley
Week of March 18th–22nd
Willow Glen vs. Evergreen Valley                    Evergreen Valley vs. Willow Glen
Week of March 25th–29th
Evergreen Valley vs. Leigh                                Leigh vs. Evergreen Valley
Week of April 1st–5th
Leland vs. Evergreen Valley                                      Evergreen Valley vs. Leland
Week of April 8th–12th
Santa Teresa vs. Evergreen Valley                 Evergreen Valley vs. Santa Teresa
Week of April 15th–19th
Sobrato vs. Evergreen Valley                         Evergreen Valley vs. Sobrato
Tuesday, April 30th    Team & Individual Finals     @ TBA
Tuesday, May 7th CCS Begins