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Mission Statement

The mission of the leadership class at EVHS is to:

  • Increase positive school culture through academic and social events that support ROAR

  • Work cooperatively to support students as they become effective leaders.



Leadership Class:

The students of this class are responsible for building a community and creating a positive educational environment for the associated student body of Evergreen Valley High School.  We do this through:

  • Event planning
  • Financial Record Keeping 
  • Clubs & Club Events
  • Student Store
  • Yearbook
  • ROAR Lessons
  • Marketing Activities 
  • Information Dissemination
  • Link Crew
  • Shadow Day
  • Unity Week
  • Fund Raising
  • Elections
  • Charity Events
  • Supporting Registration, Back To School Night & ID/Textbook Handout events.

If you are interested in joining Leadership contact the Activities Director.

Leadership Committees

Committees are a pivotal part of our student government. Below are committee descriptions available to leadership students at EVHS.


This committee is in charge of the athletic gate and making shift sheets


This committee is responsible for recording all school events, news, updating YouTube, and managing event audio as well as technical assistance for the class.

Dance and Events

Dance and events are responsible for planning and managing dances, making shift sheets, and planning school wide events.


This committee is responsible for all things having to do with clubs: Auditing, Monthly Meetings, Binder checks, Club finance, Training workshops, and Potential club meetings.

Public Relations

Public Relations is responsible for overseeing News announcements, updating social media, advertising events, creating posters, and contacting media outlets.

Student Store

This committee is responsible for the maintenance of the student store, inventory, providing shift sheets for cashiers, and advertising the school apparel.