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EVHS Dance Specific Instructions & Rules


  • If your date is not a student of EVHS they must complete the Dance Guest Pass.
  • ALL dance attendees must submit this completed form upon entering the dance.
  • Everyone in attendance must have a photo I.D at the time of admittance.
  • All students entering the dance will be searched.  NO OUTSIDE BEVERAGES OR FOOD WILL BE ADMITTED.
  • Students may not leave before 11 p.m. w/o parent permission to EV staff.
  • Proper dress attire is required.  All ESUHSD and EVHS dress code rules are in effect.  Students not dressed appropriately will not be admitted. Students found not complying with dress code at any time during the dance will be escorted off premise with their parents.
  • Jackets, vests purses & ties may be checked into the coat check for $1. No items can be retrieved from the coat check until the end of the dance. EVHS is not responsible for lost or stolen items left in coat check.
  • Anyone in possession of, or who appears to be under the influence of drugs, alcohol, tobacco or marijuana will be detained & parents will be contacted. A breathalyzer may be used to test students suspected of using alcohol. Students suspected of using illegal substances may be reported to SJPD. Further disciplinary action will be taken.
  • Inappropriate dancing will not be tolerated. Students will be warned once.  Students found not complying with appropriate dance requirements a second time will be escorted off premise with their parents.
  • No ticket refunds will be given for failure to follow these rules.

Required Documentation:

  1. Valid EVHS Ticket
  2. Valid Photo ID
  3. Dance Permission Form - all attendees
  4. Dance Guest Pass - non-EV students