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Concerts for 2019-2020 School year

February 1 (Saturday)- Jazz CMEA Festival and District Festival

February 8 (Saturday)- Homestead Orchestra Festival

February 26 (Wednesday)- District Orchestra Festival

February 27 (Thursday), 7pm- Strings and Jazz Concert 

February 28 (Friday), 7pm- All Bands Concert

March 31-April 2 (Tuesday-Thursday): District Band Festival

April 3-4 (Friday-Saturday): CMEA Band and Orchestra Festival

May 7 (Thursday), 7pm- Strings and Jazz Final Concert

May 8 (Friday), 7pm- All Bands Final Concert

May 9 (Saturday)- Band and Orchestra Awards Night in Cougar Hall

Band & Orchestra

If you have any questions about Band or Orchestra you can visit room F153 or email Ms. Spieller:

Instrumental Ensembles

Wind Ensemble

Auditioned Band made up of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. Students currently in band will get the opportunity to audition at the end of the year, students who are not in band must communicate with Ms. Spieller to be able to audition to potentially join this ensemble.

Symphonic Band

Non-Audition Band made up of Juniors and Seniors.

Conservatory Ensemble

Non-Audition Band made up of Sophomores.

Concert Band

Non-Audition Band for all Freshmen.

String Orchestra

Non-Audition Orchestra consisting of Freshmen through Seniors. Combines with students from Wind Ensemble to make a Symphony Orchestra.

Jazz Band(s)

After school ensembles made up of students from the program. Working on the varying styles that fall under the umbrella of Jazz. One ensemble that is focused on performance and another that is focused on skill building.