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EVHS Clubs Need Your Help!

EVHS hosts almost 100 clubs.  Each of these clubs hosts events and/or attends off campus events.  In order for these events to take place we need to obatin proper supervision to ensure our students' safety.  If you would like to volunteer to support a club please follow these instructions:

To Do:

  1. Make an appointment w/ HR by emailing or calling (408) 347-5254 
  2. Bring the completed one page application, with administrator signature to the appointment.
  3. Bring an official TB test results form from the medical facility of your choice
  4. Have your Finger Print test run by Rosann Gaska at the appointment

Once HR has cleared the volunteer, a notice entitled "Volunteer Clearance Notification" will be sent to the site administrator. No volunteer is to serve in our schools until that clearance is received.  Please check with the principal's secretary to follow up on your application. (408) 347-7011


All volunteers are required to wear an identification badge issued by the District or Site.

East Side Unified School District requires that all volunteers working in our schools have:

  • Fingerprint clearance
  • TB clearance
  • A one-page Volunteer Application - to be completed at the site where the volunteer will be used

The following information MUST be on the Volunteer Application:

  • Site
  • Program name
  • Program manager
  • Administrator
  • Start and end date

At the end of the school year, volunteers who will not be returning the following year will be purged from our records system. We must notify the Department of Justice whenever a volunteer is no longer being used.


Please contact Rosann Gaska with questions and/or for more clarification.

Please contact Andrea Buckelew to check the status of your application.  (408) 347-7011


Remember - TB and Fingerprint clearance is the responsibility of the volunteer.


Thank you for supporting our students and our community!