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School Site Council

2019-2020 EVHS School Site Council

19 20 SSC

2019-2020 Meeting Schedule

1st Monday of each month beginning at 5:30 in Parent Center (D104)

  • Please make sure you check the school calendar to confirm the date and time of the upcoming meeting.  Some meeting dates may change due to school holidays.

    Attn: January 5th, 2020 Site Council Meeting has been cancelled.  Site council will reconvene on February 3, 2020.
Meeting Procudures

If you have any questions about School Site Council, or would like to add an item to the agenda, please contact:

Meeting Minutes can be found on this page to the left.

School Site Council Is:
A school-community representative body made up of the Principal, Teachers, Other School Personnel, Parents, Community Members and Students.  All schools that receive federal or state categorical funding are required to have a School Site Council to give input and help decide how to spend categorical funds.  
The School Site Council helps develop and approves the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA), reviews specific goals and school improvements, monitors the implementation of the Single Plan and of student achievement,  assesses strategies currently in place, works with other school based Advisory groups, and encourages parent, family, and community involvement.  The council also provides input into the use of bond monies that are given to the school for facilities upgrades.
Site Council elections are held each fall and anyone who is interested in participating should contact the Principal the first week of school to communicate their desire to run for a position on the council.
All agendas and minutes are posted on this webpage for public information and anyone who wishes to come to a council meeting is welcome.  
East Side Union High School District Local Control Accountability Plan Meetings

Invitation to Participate

The State of California has changed the way it funds schools. Districts, such as East Side Union High School District, are required to gather input from students, teachers, parents and community members to determine the goals, actions and budget priorities for the district.  

The Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a three-year plan that is to be reviewed every year.  You are invited to participate in a survey (links below – English, Spanish and Vietnamese), as well as by participating in LCAP meetings hosted at each school site. 

Dates of the scheduled LCAP meetings are listed below or can be accessed via the District’s website at .  These meetings are an opportunity to review the LCAP and provide input as to how the District can better serve its students toward college and career success.  We hope to see you at the LCAP meetings at your site. 

Thank you for taking a few moments to complete the survey and provide your input to this process.

Survey link

¡Están invitados a participar! 

El estado de California ha cambiado la forma de cómo se distribuirán los fondos en las escuelas.

Los distritos como el distrito escolar de East Side Union High School tienen que pedir sugerencias a los alumnos, maestros, padres de familia y la comunidad para determinar las metas, acciones y prioridades en el presupuesto del Distrito.

El Programa de Control y Responsabilidad Local requiere un plan de tres años que tiene que ser renovado cada año.  Les invitamos a participar a través de la encuesta adjunta, así como participando en las reuniones de la LCAP que se llevan a cabo en cada escuela (Por favor encuentre la fecha de la próxima reunión de la LCAP arriba o visite la página de internet Con el fin de revisar el plan y pueda  dar sus ideas de cómo mejorar el desempeño académico y futuro de nuestros alumnos.

Esperamos verlos en las reuniones de la LCAP en su escuela.  Gracias por tomar unos minutos para dar sus sugerencias.


Enlace de la encuesta

2019-20 Representatives


Kyle Kleckner
  Faculty Usha Bhatnagar
  Faculty Jennifer Ames
  Faculty Daniel Imbesi
  Faculty Virginia Yenter
  Faculty Hernan Diaz
  Faculty Richard Johnson
            Faculty Maria Solis


Lauren Mendoza

Pres 2020

Student Kaitlyn Tonnu
2021 Student Pranjal Agrawal
Sec 2022 Student         Kacie Ton-Nu 


Tiffany Dang


Adel Zuberi 


Tivian Luu


Steven Luo
VP Parent Vikas Navani
  Parent Madhavi Gupta
  Parent Naina Ananthaswamy
  Parent Julie Quach