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How to Start a Club

EVHS Club Application Process

Both New Clubs & Established Clubs must complete and submit all required documents in order to be considered for active club status for the following school year.

Directions: Print out all these forms IN THIS ORDER and submit them NEATLY inside your club binder. Binders with applications must be submitted into the activities office inside cougar hall by the deadline. ALL clubs (old and new) must submit applications by the deadline.

For any questions, comments, or concerns, fill out this Q&A form:

Existing Clubs

Your Binder must have ALL application materials at the front.  It must also have all of the following for the past six years:

  • Club Minutes

  • RPOs (w/ invoices/quotes)

  • Bank Register and print out of Account Statement from ASB Works

  • Deposits

  • ERFs

  • Club Signature card

Your binder will show us what your club has done to support EVHS students and the community.  If your club is not meeting these expectations it may be closed. A club is a group of students working together to bring positive opportunities to our campus.  It is not a group of friends that hang out and have fun.      

New Clubs

New Club requests must follow the same rules and procedures as established clubs.


  • Must provide a 1" white binder to submit their paperwork
  • Will not have a budget carry over request form
  • Will not have at least 6 years of prior minutes and paperwork.
  • Will not have the ASB Works printout nor a ledger

All forms and documents must be submitted by clubs requesting a new charter. 

New clubs must clearly state their mission and purpose in 280 characters or less on their application.

New clubs that are similar to existing clubs will be denied. 

Please be sure to check our list of current clubs and their missions before submitting an application for a new club.